The Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington – fondly known as the “J” – recently celebrated it’s 100th anniversary of service. Diverse and vibrant, the “J” is open to everyone of all religions, backgrounds, and walks of life, with comprehensive programs, facilities, and services JCCGW 9that offer a great service to our local community.  As part of the anniversary celebration the “J” has embarked on an ambitious renovation program.  Built in 1969 the current facility – while renovated several times in the past – needed a real makeover to keep up with its heavy use by the community.  We were proud to have been selected to help the “J” renovate some of their offices (many had been renovated 10 years ago).  For this project we used the Zira, Adaptabilities & Evolve lines of furniture from Global. Some of the offices were still using the original furniture from 1969 (provided, by the way, by my Dad & Uncle) and were dark and uninviting and difficult places in which to work.  The new offices are bright and modern and the staff reports that they come to work each day looking forward to their new offices.

Take a look at the video below for a brief history of the “J” and if you’re in Rockville stop by and say hello.  They’d love to see you!


Built in 1969 the “J” is going through a major renovation to better serve the community.


The “J” which is open to all boasts everything from early child programs to one of the best pools in town.


We used the Global Adaptabilities series of desks to modernize the “Coming of Age” office.


This is the space known as the “Fishbowl”. It went from dreary to modern.

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