In 2022, many are finally returning to the office and anticipating in-person connection. Preparing for your employee’s returns can be both exciting and nerve-wrecking. However, it doesn’t have to be. With health and safety being bigger priorities than ever, having your workplace ready with updated configurations is essential. Fear not, as we have many convenient and effective solutions that can help make your in-person transition as seamless as possible. These workplace configurations will help maintain your employee’s well-being and create a safe environment for all.

Office Layout

The layout of the workplace truly matters in regard to employee safety and security. At Andy Stern’s, modifying your environment is easier than ever before. Recommended suggestions include mobile barriers in place of cubicles, along with our choices of safety barriers, partitions, and panels. Based on your business needs, the layout may require its own customization. Be sure to check your workplace carefully to properly determine which tools will be most effective for you. If necessary, our team will gladly consult on which reconfiguration approach works best for you.

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Adjusting Space

When organizing employee returns to the office, assessing how much space one has goes a long way. Reconfiguring your space can be daunting, but there’s ways to make it less so. For starters, look at your existing furniture products and see what can be arranged differently. Take a look at what’s serving your office and ensure your space is up to current safety standards. Depending on how much space you have available, you may need to re-customize your layout to adhere to safety trends. When doing so, be sure to contact us, as our team has professional and experienced installers who deliver precise and quality results.

Workplace Furniture

Having the right furniture is a simple yet strategic tool to increase workplace safety. Andy Stern’s has several healthcare furniture options to choose from to help point you in the right direction. Brands such as Sonoma, Primacare, and At-Eez are designed with bult-in features to maximize comfort and accessibility. Accessible options not only increase well-being but enhance productivity and performance. When choosing office furniture, investing in options that are safety-conscious can positively affect workplace performance and employee satisfaction.

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Decide Which Option is Best For You

Once you’ve determined which configurations you’re going to use, take some time to assess which option is most essential for your business. If you’re looking to expand your space, you’ll probably want to explore rearrangement options. For those who are lay-out conscious, investing in products such as barriers or partitions is effective. If comfort is a priority as well, having the right workplace furniture will be a suitable direction for you. With the return to in-person working, there’s a variety of ways to enable a safe environment and our products can help get you started.

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