Could Leasing Work Best For Your Business?

We work with several companies to find the best financing options for you to lease office furniture through Andy Stern’s.

Lease This Entire Office For As Little As $95.70 Per Month*

*Price based on five (5) year lease and does not include taxes, processing fee & delivery charges. Prices subject to change. Three (3) month security deposit and first month payment due upon lease execution. Subject to credit approval.

Why Lease?

Leasing can allow for larger sales and maintenance of profit margins by providing you a way to move forward with your business. It overcomes price objections, so nothing stands in your way. Bundle Furniture, Installation, Design, and Related Accessories into one easy payment.

  • Keep Your Bank Credit Lines Intact
  • Keep Your Working Capital Available
  • Take Advantage of Governmental Tax Incentives
  • Focus on Employee Health and Wellness When Redesigning
  • Up to $1 million in Financing Requests Available!

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