ABC News recently reported that many of us spend up to 15 and a half hours sitting down every day.  What happens when you are sitting for long periods of time?  Your body goes through certain physiological changes when it’s not being used.  For instance, when the bigger muscles in the lower half of your body aren’t working, the inactivity sends a signal to your brain that changes your metabolism.  These changes cause an increase in your blood sugar levels, and a 90% decrease in the amount of stored fat that’s used as fuel in your body causing a number of ill effects from obesity to an increased risk of cancer later in life.

To avoid the harmful long-term effects of too much time sitting, this report suggested using a “Standing Desk”. What is a standing desk? A standing desk is exactly what it sounds like: a desk that’s situated at a height comfortable for you to use while standing. However, as we all know it is impractical to stand all day…..which is why we have introduced our new OfficeSource line of Adjustable Height Tables. These tables are easy, quick and quite simple to operate, offer multiple height adjustable options and they are priced better than any others we’ve seen on the market today. They are the most popular new products we have introduced in years. They come in many different sizes and finishes.  Take A Look and give us a call.  Your body will thank you!


Our adjustable height tables come in many different configurations. This is a corner unit.


Ideal for Wheelchair access.


You can even build them into larger, non-adjustable workstations.

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