According to the HON Furniture Company’s Moving Forward Together Blog Who knew office furniture could be so interesting? by Catherine Porth, we have Darwin to thank for at least part of the “evolution” of our modern day office chair. deskchairwithcasters Number 2 of the 7 Fun Office Furniture Facts is that “One of the earliest innovators of the modern office chair was Charles Darwin who added wheels to his chair to get to his specimens quicker while in his study.”  READ MORE

However, the birth of the office chair began long before that according to the article Brief History of Sitting Fashionably –The Evolution of Chair by Sushant Sahoo.  “Let’s go back before 3000BC to peep into the history of chairs. The earliest chairs were undeveloped ones. Benches, stools and chests were most common. They didn’t give crucial attention to the designs –rather each part of the chair was subjective to time and environment. Without chairs, the floor or bedding was used. Score in terms of style and comfort would be 0/5.

“Then let’s expand our knowledge and look from 3100 BC onwards. This era was the Egyptian one and so is the emergence of Egyptian Chairs. All were not lucky to get a seat here. The best seats were strictly reserved for the Imperial class and High ranking priests. Materials used were Ebony, Ivory or carved and gold-plated wood. Seats were constructed of plaited cord and legs and feet resembled animals or slaves. Due to lots of king bling on shows, score for style would be 4/5 and due to its seat of woven cord comfort level will be 2/5.
“Then came the Greek and Roman Chairs in the early 700BC…” READ MORE

EarlyChairsThankfully those old uncomfortable chairs are a thing of the past!  To update your style and comfort visit our Seating page.  Andy Stern’s offers a huge selection of Seating. Give us a call for your discounted prices & product details.

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