Here’s some interesting information to consider: smaller work-spaces, more distractions and longer workdays are compromising the average employee’s ability to focus and is  undermining their overall work performance. A Global Benchmark Survey found that from 2010 to 2012 the average square foot per employee dropped from 225 square feet to 176 square feet and it’s predicted to drop as low as 100 square feet.  The Gensler 2013 US Workplace Survey found that an environment for working more effectively should provide the following: Ways to reduce noise levels and other distractions, a look and feel conducive to focused work and space functionality that makes it easy to stay focused.  Believe it or not there are several ART solutions for reducing noise and distractions. Here are a few:

Art Solutions for Reducing Noise and Distractions

Here’s an example: acoustical art panels are made of sound absorption material covered in a fabric on which art can be printed. Very innovative.






GREAT AMERICAN ART –  our long time art vendor – believes in using the power of art to inspire, challenge, provoke and connect. They would be more than happy to visit your office and design the perfect Art solution for your particular office.  Just give us a call.

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