As office space continues to evolve and companies reevaluate their space needs hard questions will need to be asked as to future moves or expansions. In fact, the question may be to stay or to go. With much of the workforce working remotely – at least part of the time – companies looking to sign new 5 plus year leases must seriously evaluate their future needs along with the changing nature of their own work spaces.

In this interesting article by Heidi Hendy and Anna Grayhek of H. Hendy Associates, The office of tomorrow: imagine or relocate?, Heidi and Anna explain that “as our workforce becomes more mobile, agile and diverse, the office of tomorrow will require a new level of workplace optimization to support business process and function”.

They continue on and state that “to truly support tomorrow’s workforce, companies will need to re imagine the concept of an office – from a space just for work – to a purpose driven environment that fosters communication, ideation and more.  And at the heart of any office transformation is the need to increase collaboration and engagement – key pillars of company cultures”.

“Many progressive companies are reevaluating their existing space in search of effective office design solutions that can maximize their current work environment. They are recognizing that an office space that focuses on core migration patterns and increased collaboration, rather than individual work space, can become a tool that drives and retains their most valuable asset: their people”.

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