“American Wild” wants to use the walls of the Anacostia Metro Station as a screen on which to project high-definition videos of distant national parks.

Washington DC is about to go digital. Established in 1948, our founder Sam Stern wanted to make a difference by providing customers with top quality office furniture at affordable prices and so Andy Stern’s Office Furniture has been part of the landscape of our nation’s capital for over 65 years!  It’s amazing to watch the transition into the digital age that this century has birthed and now that digital age will revolutionize our national monuments.

According to the recent article Mind-blowing Design Contest for Future National Memorials by Jesslyn Shields on now.howstuffworks.com “The American capital has a monument problem. More than 160 memorials and monuments crowd Washington, D.C., from the iconic Washington Monument to the hallowed ground of the Sonny Bono Memorial Park. There’s just not enough real estate in the city to honor the number of individual heroes, groups of heroes, or heroic events in need of commemoration. That’s why the National Park Service (NPS) wants to take the business of memorializing stuff “beyond grass and granite.”  But if we don’t memorialize our heroes with big hunks of rock and a couple acres of lawn, how do we do it?


In April the NPS, National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) and Van Alen Institute launched Memorials for the Future. The competition aims to generate ideas about new ways to honor what’s important to us without erecting a physical monument that requires a couple of acres of greenspace, a groundskeeper, public bathrooms, security guards, and a line item in the congressional budget.”  READ MORE

And digital design is not only for our National Monuments.  Andy Stern’s Office Furniture, Inc. offers Computer Aided Design Services (C.A.D.) powered by 20/20 Technologies, the latest software for state of the art space planning capabilities. Our design software is an integrated package of applications that automates the design, specification, and facilities management process. It links CAD-based graphics and electronic catalogs from our selected manufacturers with sophisticated software tools to help us manage large design projects, reduce errors, and increase your office’s productivity.  Find out more about how our Design Services work…

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