Leadership. All of us in business know that Leadership is more art than science.  It is one of the most difficult aspects of business life.  Many times new managers, in particular, have the most difficulty adjusting to their new roles. In this interesting article by Kiely Kuligowski, Characteristics of a Good Leader: Tips for New Managers, the author spoke with several experienced leaders and then provides the reader with a great overview on the characteristics that define good leadership.

According to the author “Management isn’t easy.  Even with hundreds of available resources, stepping into a management role for the first time can feel a little like jumping out of a plane, even if you have a parachute strapped to your back”.

The author then points out that “You’re suddenly responsible for the well-being, production and success of a team of people, and you are the one they’ll turn to if anything goes wrong, which can be a daunting change if you’re used to looking to someone else for answers”.

“It takes time to adjust to a new position, especially as a first-time manger, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Just remember that you’re not alone and that everyone starts somewhere”.

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