Oftentimes rookie leaders end up in leadership positions overseeing those they used to work with.  This can be a very difficult and sensitive step in ones career and needs to be handled in the correct manner for one to succeed.

In a recent article, “6 Mistakes Rookie Leaders Make”, Gordon Tredgold notes that “the transition from technical expert to first-time leader is a difficult step and one that causes many to stumble and fail. I know this from personal experience”.

Gordon goes on to to say that “in fact, I initially struggled to get the respect of my team, almost lost control and failed to deliver the project I was leading. Fortunately, I had a very supportive manager who stepped in and helped to pull me through that ordeal so I could ultimately make the grade. But the lesson was clear: Too often, people are put into leadership positions without the appropriate training, and they just simply struggle”.

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