Colors, Fabrics & Textures for Workplace Design

Colors & Fabrics For Elevated Office Decor

No matter how you spin it – the quality of your workplace matters. Employees who are happy with their office space are more likely to be engaged and productive. Plus, employers who choose the decor and office furniture that look as good as they function tend to have greater success than those who focus only on functionality or cost-efficiency alone. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for the best office furniture for engaging and impressive decor in your work environment.

Keep It Bright

A pop of bright blue paint in the entrance of an office lobby

Finding a way to make your office space more inviting and inspirational will do wonders for productivity. Opt for colors like blues and yellows, which are positive and complimentary to both each other and most people’s complexions. Furnish your office spaces with bright white modern decor with splashes of color throughout. Decorate the space with plants for an added bonus to interior design to improve employee morale and the air quality of the space. Office plants contribute to improved employee efficiency as they produce oxygen and remove indoor pollutants from the environment. 

Comfortable Neutrals

A woman sits at her desk at the office in a brightly lit and neutral colored room

You will want to make sure that your office design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also comfortable and functional. Most people work better in bright, well-lit spaces. To keep things clean, always try and use furniture with neutral colors as dirt and dust tend to show up more in light colors. Consider using different textures on your furniture pieces, like wood or metal, which will add a variety of dimension. A favorite office color palette among interior designers is warm whites, crisp blues or grays, with natural woods such as oak and pine finishes. It’s important to keep things consistent across your whole office so that it feels united. The main objective of designing an engaging and impressive office decor is to improve employee morale because happy workers are productive workers! 

Texture and Focus

Three pieces of art in an inviting office

In order to make your office space a place where you want to spend time and energy, it’s important to choose office furniture that inspires engagement. Consider using plants walls and large pieces of artwork as focal points; color can also be used to balance a busy or monochromatic space. Use fabrics with contrasting textures and patterns, such as velvet or corduroy alongside cotton. This creates visual interest while still maintaining cohesive designs. Pick furnishings in calming shades of green or grey, which are great choices because they don’t overpower other colors in your office decor.

The Andy Stern’s Solution

Interior shot of an office designed by Andy Stern's
Andy Stern’s celebrated design team can help you take your dreams and make them into a reality. We plan, design, and install everything you need for workplace success. Contact us today to learn about how you can upgrade your office décor and furniture.

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