Middle school classrooms are a whole new ballgame 

The transition from primary to middle school is an important milestone in a child’s educational journey. As students progress from the lower grades, they experience shifts in the academic, social, and physical environment. One key aspect that significantly contributes to this transformation is the classroom environment, particularly the furniture and layout. Andy  Stern’s Office Furniture has what it takes to build a successful classroom with specific emphasis on middle school classroom furniture.  

Students are on-the-go 

As mentioned, middle school classrooms present a departure from the primary school experience. Rather than being stationed in one room throughout the day, middle school students often navigate multiple classrooms, each designed to facilitate a specific subject such as mathematics, science, or language arts. This transition calls for furniture and layout adaptations that can accommodate a more dynamic and diverse range of learning activities.  

The furniture and spatial configuration in each of these spaces must be tailored to the unique requirements of the subject taught there. Whether it is a science lab filled with stools and workbenches or a language arts room with cozy reading nooks, the furniture plays a pivotal role in creating a conducive environment for each subject.  

Dry erase markerboard activity tables 

These dry erase markerboard activity tables are a perfect example of how a piece of middle school classroom furniture becomes more than just a place to sit. These tables encourage creativity, communication, and collaboration. Perfect for any subject. 

Lumina Tables 

The rectangle Lumina tables are perfect for a computer lab or a classroom heavy on lectures. If your school or educational facility is low on space these tables nest for optimal storage. 

Simple Study Desk 

Sometimes simple is best. When your school is simply in need of desks that are durable and can get the job done look no further than these desks

Storage, storage, storage 

Steam lab, featuring storage containers housing a variety of items.

In addition to accommodating specific subject requirements, the furniture should also facilitate the constant movement of students. As they move from room to room, carrying books, notebooks, and devices, storage solutions that are conveniently located and easy to use can greatly enhance their school experience.  

Learn Nesting Rectangle Desk 

The Learn Nesting Rectangle Desk keeps function at the forefront. These desks easily fold up for easy storage. The desktop also doubles as a whiteboard for students’ convenience.  

Mobile Teachers Pedestal Desk 

We cannot forget about the teachers! This Mobile Teachers Pedestal Desk has the mobility and the storage component every teacher needs.  

Class-ifi Tote Storage Cabinet 

The Class-ifi Tote Storage Cabinet is a storage solution that students can utilize in any classroom or science lab. 

Adaptable furniture for diverse learning styles

When catering to a classroom filled with middle school students, a one-size-fits-all approach simply will not do. It is important to remember that these young learners possess an array of different learning styles and preferences. The furniture selected for the classroom should reflect this diversity and be adaptable to meet these various needs.  

Some examples of middle school classroom furniture that appeals to different learning styles: 

When shopping for middle school classroom furniture, remember to consider the versatility of your furniture choices and how they can best serve the diverse learning needs of your students. 

Integrating technology 

As our classrooms continue to evolve, technology has become an integral part of the educational journey. Middle school students are often required to use laptops, tablets, and other digital tools for their studies. As such, classroom furniture needs to be designed with this technological integration in mind.  

Andy Stern has the answers 

If you are feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start with classroom design, Andy Stern’s has the experience, tools, and specialists to design the perfect classroom or educational facility. From planning to installation Andy Stern’s will be with you every step of the way.   

Bring your classroom to life with Andy Stern’s!

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