All of us at Andy Stern’s are committed to conserving the natural resources of our planet and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We have asked our suppliers to produce eco-friendly products at value prices. Sustainability is the key. We are proud to sell sustainable furniture manufactuered by Global Office Furniture. Global has been a leader in sustainable manufacturing since the late 1960’s! Here is some information on Global’s innovative approach to environmentally friendly manufacturing. Ask any of our sales people about furnishing your office in eco-friendly green products and we’ll be glad to help.

Global’s new Spree Chair features a mesh back in 7 colors and a upholstered fabric seat available in countless colors and styles. Global works on a continuous program of earth friendly manufacturing. The Spree features the first foam manufactured to actually create ozone. The seat and back pans are made from recyclable plastics and wood waste, enabling little waste and cost effective products. All Global seating is CFC and HFC free. Fabrics are made from post consumer waste plastics and fabric off cuts.

Andy Stern’s Recommends These Other Eco Friendly Products

EVOLVE Furniture Systems

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Refurbished Cubicles

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GLOBAL Total Office

Global Furniture
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EUROTECH (Seating)

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EVOLVE Corporate Environmental Report

JSI (Wood)

Furniture Corporate Environmental Report


Corporate Environmental Report

JSI Wood Office Furniture Sustainability Report


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