Standing Desks: Features, Function & Fitness

Standing desks offer a healthy and happy way to work. Standing desks and adjustable height tables are ergonomic furniture that are great contributions to a healthier work environment, as they allow for us to ditch our sedentary work lifestyle and get the blood flowing. Standing while you work is a great way to improve posture and allow some activity for your legs throughout the workday. They are adjustable to almost any height and allow for the office experience to coexist with walking and standing while working.

Employee Engagement

Employees are more often productive and engaged when their employer cares about their well-being. Providing employees with a standing workstation is one way of investing in employee wellness. In doing so, employees will be encouraged to be more active rather than sitting all day. Less sedentary employees to have higher productivity levels and higher cognitive functioning.

Feet On The Street

Many offices have staff who are out and about on the job for most of the day. These employees don’t necessarily need a sitting desk area as they are often out of the office, but a place to return to and get a few items in order and check emails is ideal for these go-getters! Standing desks and height adjustable tables are the perfect solution as they can take up less space, but still provide all the features offered by a traditional desk for the employees on the go.

Executive Function

Source: 2021 Office Source Furniture Catalog

The stand-up desk is not just for the roaming salesman, as there are many options available that serve an executive function. You can get a standing desk that integrates with a credenza and hutch. Want to get off your bum but still need an intricate desk set up? Look no further! Standing desks are not only designed to be small and conserve space, but they also have larger options for the executive worker to have all the space needed to perform tasks and work comfortably throughout the day.

Amazing Features

Source: 2021 Office Source Furniture Catalog

When you think stand-up desks, you may just picture a higher desk that allows you to stand instead of sit. However, there are many other amazing features and options available. Along with a credenza and a hutch as previously mentioned you can get barriers and wellness dividers for privacy and safety. These come in a variety of color combinations, different shapes or styles, and adjustable heights.

As many of our office jobs, and even work from home jobs, often promote sedentary behaviors it is crucial that we draw focus to a healthier lifestyle in the workplace. Standing while working can improve productivity, cognitive function and burn more calories. When searching for a solution to healthier work environments, standing desks are a great option!

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