Designing an Elementary Classroom

Young minds need an ideal environment to grow, learn, and thrive. How we structure our classrooms significantly impacts the way children experience education. Because of this it is essential that schools and daycares pay attention to the early education classroom furniture and layout of the classroom. Enter Andy Stern’s Office Furniture. A renowned provider of early education classroom furniture, Andy Stern believes that a thoughtfully designed classroom results in more engaged learning and bright futures for all students.  

The Essential Elements of a Daycare and Pre-k Classroom 

When it comes to constructing the perfect pre-K and daycare classroom, there is much more to consider than just decor. The design process should be strategic, taking into account the needs and safety of the children, while cultivating an environment that sparks curiosity and learning.  

Every well-designed early education classroom should have: 

  • Dedicated spaces for a variety of activities 
  • Age-appropriate furniture- soft edges, adjustable height tables, etc. 
  • Durable furniture  
  • Moveable furniture to promote autonomy 
  • Storage solutions to keep the classroom tidy 

While aesthetic appeal is a bonus, the focus should always be on functionality and child-centered design.  

Safety-First Ensuring a Safe Learning Environment 

When it comes to little learners, safety is paramount. It is the heart and soul of creating an ideal learning environment. Just think about it: we want our children to freely explore and interact with their surroundings, don’t we? That is how they learn. However, this can only happen when we ensure that the environment is risk-free. It is here that early education classroom furniture plays a starring role. 

Think soft edges and height adjustable features when prioritizing safety in classroom design. 

Learn Nesting Desks 

Learn Nesting desks are the perfect desk option for classrooms that promote collaborative learning. Easily push together to create team learning scenarios or pull apart if needed. The flip top folds down for easy storage giving you ample space for other classroom activities when needed.  

Smartlink Student Desks 

Smartlink Student Desks are a fitting example of an adjustable height desk created for small children. The hard plastic tops are also durable and will stand the test of time.  

Creativity is Key 

Imaginative play makes up the majority of learning time for young minds. That is how children make sense of the world around them. Pieces of furniture like art easels encourage creativity and expression while furniture that encourages dramatic play fuels imagination, providing ample opportunities for children to express themselves freely. 


Easels come in all sizes depending on their intended use. Tabletop easels are perfect for little artists to work on their next masterpiece and fold up for easy storage. Whereas teachers can also utilize presentation easels for displaying lesson content. 

Creative Play Tools 

These Wonderfoam Early Learning Alphabet Tiles add a splash of color to the classroom, but it does not stop there. These foam tiles also serve as a creative learning tool as well as a fun design element to classroom floors. 

A Place for Everything, Everything in Its Place 

Organization in a classroom is often the silent hero in creating an effective learning environment, particularly in pre-K and daycare settings. It is not merely about keeping the room tidy, but about helping young students develop crucial life skills. Early education classroom furniture pieces that promote organization offer children a visual framework for categorizing and storing items. This can foster a sense of order, responsibility, and independence as they learn to put things back where they belong after use. An organized environment also minimizes distractions and maximizes focus, ultimately creating a space where children can thrive academically and emotionally. 

Shelving Units and Wardrobes 

Shelving units like bookcases keep reading materials nice and neat so students can easily access their new favorite stories. Wardrobes give a proper place for students to store their coats and backpacks. 


Personal and colorful chair cubbies for each student gives a personal touch to organizing a student’s space. As well as more classic designs for more classroom organization. 

Storage Bins 

Storage bins are perfect for storing printouts, art supplies, and reading materials in an organized manner. Bright colors make them inviting to young children learning new organizational skills. 

Andy Stern’s furniture experts assist classrooms of all kinds!

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