Revitalize Your Breakroom For Peak Performance

Revitalizing Your Breakroom: Simple, Effective, Fun!

Whether you are trying to ease the transition from telework back to the office or revitalize your break space to keep your workforce engaged, a comfortable and inviting breakroom is one of the best ways to foster a sense of community while increasing productivity among employees.

Investing in your breakroom is a quick and easy way to:

  • Foster community
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Bolster morale
  • Prevent burnout
  • Enhance employee focus

The best thing about upgrading your breakroom? It won’t break the bank. Incorporating simple, inexpensive details like comfortable seating, healthy snacks, and sunlight will create a breakroom that employees will enjoy.

First Things First: Coffee!

It’s no surprise that a coffee maker might just be the most used appliance in any office. Adding a fully stocked coffee station will have an immediate impact on your office. After all, how much work are you going to get done waiting in line at Starbucks? Employees will enjoy longer breaks due to closer proximity to a cup of joe, and your business will reap the benefits of increased productivity and high morale.

Stocking Your Breakroom Has Never Been Easier

Fresh Food and Beverages Delivered to Your DMV Office

Coffee is good for a morning eye opener or an afternoon pick-me-up, but for all-day energy we must turn wholesome snacks, treats, and meal substitutes. Our Fresh & Frozen Food & Beverages Service will keep your breakroom full of healthy, fast, and single serve options for your employees. From yogurt and bagels to fresh fruit and pizza, we have options for every stomach.

The Perfect Devices for the Perfect Break

There are a few no-brainers when it comes to breakroom appliances. To even be considered a breakroom you’ll need:

  • A refrigerator large enough for your team
  • Either a microwave or toaster oven (Or both!)
  • Caffeine (Soda in the fridge, coffee in the pot)
  • Easy access to clean water for both cooking and hydration

But what can we add to your breakroom to take it to the next level? Consider these appliances and devices to offer your employees increased comfort and connectivity:

  • Wi-Fi Extenders – Stay connected whether you’re catching up on emails or scrolling through the day’s news
  • Charging Stations – Fill your battery and your belly at the same time
  • Air Purifier – Kill germs, increase breathability

Bringing the Beauty of Outside, Indoors

Science tells us that incorporating natural light and living plants into the workplace has been shown to increase energy levels and productivity, while reducing stress like eye strain, and promoting feelings of well-being.

The Simplicity of Greenery

Incorporating plants into a breakroom space can be as simple as including a small number of house plants, or as advanced as creating an immersive plant display such as a succulent garden or planter system. Not only will they elevate your space and offer a calming atmosphere, but houseplants have been proven to act as natural air purifiers, increasing air quality in indoor spaces, while eliminating allergens, odors, even up to 78% of airborne mold.

It Doesn’t Take Much to Throw a Party!

Once you’ve built your perfect breakroom…use it! After hours potlucks, karaoke nights, movie screenings, and birthday parties are all great ways of building bonds with your team while creating a positive association with the workplace. Encourage employees to take the lead by allowing them to schedule and organize their own celebrations and activities, and before you know it, your new breakroom will be the beating heart of your office.

Take Care of Your Employees, and Let Us Take Care of You

Now that you’ve taken such good care of your employees, let us take care of you. At Benjamin Office Supply, we have innovative and inexpensive solutions to modernize and energize your office. By partnering with a local business with a nationwide reach, you will have immediate access to:

  • Face-to-face service with a small business feel
  • An enormous selection of products
  • Personalized services like Desktop Delivery and Office Reconfigurations

Whether you need help furnishing your workplace, sourcing your snacks, or revitalizing your breakroom, we are ready to work!

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