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When it comes to interior design for office spaces the road to finding the perfect balance between functionality and style can be long. All while staying on task, on budget, and on time. For some, this tall order can prove to be overwhelming if designing an office space is a new concept or not a strength one possesses.  

Often, we get asked, “Should I use an interior designer?” And although we cannot answer that question for you (It is truly a choose your own adventure kind of question), we at Andy Stern’s have ways and means to get your office to the impeccably designed finish line with or without a commercial interior designer! 

We Believe in Professional Collaboration 

With over 70 years of experience designing office spaces, Andy Stern’s Office Furniture is known for working directly with their clients as well as with interior designers to create customized solutions that reflect their clients’ brand identities. By partnering with Andy Stern’s and experts in the field, customers can: 

  • Save money 
  • Receive more support 
  • Transform their offices into spaces that truly represent the business 

Whether your business decides to roll up their sleeves and design solo or hire a commercial interior designer, Andy Stern’s is here to support you through your office design journey. 

What Exactly Does a Commercial Interior Designer do?  

First, if you are still deciding whether using an interior designer is the right decision for you and your business let us cover what it is they bring to the table.  

A commercial interior designer specializes in creating and refurbishing workspaces to optimize functionality, enhance aesthetics, and embody a company’s brand identity. They bring an understanding of how employees need to work in a space as well as how to build that space to support daily operations. 

Tasks that commercial interior designers usually take on: 

  • Assessing the client’s needs- number of employees, the nature of work conducted in the space, and future growth projections.  
  • Formulate a strategic plan- the layout of spaces, selection of colors, lighting design, and choice of materials and finishes.  
  • Focus on the integration of brand identity so the space reflects the company’s values and mission.  
  • Project, set, and then follow a proper budget. 

How Andy Stern’s Supports Design Efforts 

Whether your business decides to use an interior designer does not change the fact that Andy Stern’s has a stacked toolbelt of resources and knowledge that can directly help you and/or your interior designer.  

Andy Stern’s has Expertise in Space Planning and Optimization 

Andy Stern’s is proficient in space planning and optimization. Our office furniture experts possess a deep understanding of how to arrange your workspace in a way that not only maximizes efficiency but also enhances the flow of work.  

This involves: 

  • Strategic placement of workstations 
  • Creation of collaborative areas 
  • Designing private spaces for focused work 

With over 70 years of design experience Andy Stern’s Office Furniture has the solutions you need to design the perfect: 

Andy Stern’s has Access to High Quality, Functional Furniture 

Navigating the vast array of office furniture options can be overwhelming, yet crucial for creating a productive and comfortable work environment. Utilizing Andy Stern’s brings exclusive access to premium, office-specific furniture that marries form with function like ergonomic furniture or modular systems that offer flexibility. 

Andy Stern’s has Experts to Incorporate Brand Identity into Office Design 

Creating an office space that effectively communicates your brand’s identity to both your employees and clients is crucial in today’s competitive market. One of our executives can easily help blend aesthetics with corporate identity, ensuring that every element of your office design, from color schemes to furniture selection, aligns with your brand’s vision. 

It is as easy as contacting us today to get the ball rolling! 

Choose Andy Stern’s 

Choosing Andy Stern’s Office Furniture for your commercial interior design needs means partnering with a team that embodies all the benefits discussed above and more. Our experienced design professionals are deeply knowledgeable in the nuances of office design, space planning, and the selection of functional, aesthetically pleasing furniture that aligns with both your operational needs and brand identity. By collaborating with us, you gain access to a wide array of high-quality furniture options and design solutions tailored specifically to the DMV area’s unique needs! So, what are you waiting for?  

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