Take work outside? Yes! Building outdoor collaborative spaces comes with benefits

Within the last few years, we have seen how many businesses have accepted and even embraced the shifting norms of office work. In most cases being in the office every day is no longer a stringent requirement. People are working out of home offices, hotels, cafes, and of course traditional office spaces. However, office work […]

What is ergonomics exactly, and why is it important to the workplace?

Not sure what ergonomics is? Ergonomics is simply the study of efficiency in the workplace, and when designing an ergonomic office space what is created are office products that have been made specifically with the support of the employee in mind. These office chairs, desks, computer stands, and more are important furniture pieces that can […]

An Organized Space is an Organized Mind 

Energetic office lady handing papers over to someone else.

In today’s fast-paced work environment, maintaining an organized workspace is not just a preference but a necessity. An organized space can drastically enhance productivity, reduce stress, and streamline work processes. Fortunately, the versatility of modern shelving options and other storage solutions makes achieving this level of organization more attainable than ever, regardless of your industry or […]

Andy Stern’s Office Furniture: Your partner in smart spaces

When it comes to designing offices, schools, and healthcare spaces optimizing workspace furniture is paramount. In recent years, the rise of hybrid work schedules has increased the need for smart utilization of space due to many businesses deciding to downsize their physical offices. Therefore, the days of single-purpose workspaces are on the decline and instead […]

Andy Stern’s understands the needs of higher education classrooms

Furniture For Higher Education Schools, Trade Schools, & Colleges

In the evolving landscape of high school and higher education, the necessity for a comfortable and conducive learning environment is pivotal. The role of furniture is of critical importance in shaping a productive learning space in high school and college level classes. Selecting the right higher education furniture contributes to student comfort, facilitates better interaction, […]

Middle school classrooms are a whole new ballgame 

The transition from primary to middle school is an important milestone in a child’s educational journey. As students progress from the lower grades, they experience shifts in the academic, social, and physical environment. One key aspect that significantly contributes to this transformation is the classroom environment, particularly the furniture and layout. Andy  Stern’s Office Furniture has […]

Primary Education Classrooms Differ From Early Education Classrooms 

The learning environment plays a vital role in the growth and development of students. Particularly in grades 1-5, where the cognitive, physical, and emotional aspects of children undergo significant changes. During this formative time students’ needs can differ. From first grade where students are just learning how to behave and make a classroom work for […]

Designing an Elementary Classroom

Young minds need an ideal environment to grow, learn, and thrive. How we structure our classrooms significantly impacts the way children experience education. Because of this it is essential that schools and daycares pay attention to the early education classroom furniture and layout of the classroom. Enter Andy Stern’s Office Furniture. A renowned provider of […]

They Say Family Can’t Be Beat!

Andy Stern’s - A Family Business Success Story

There’s an argument to be made that the family-owned business is the most important part of the US economy. Just look at these numbers:  At Andy Stern’s Office Furniture, we know the importance of (and difficulties facing) the family-owned business. If you think you’re up to the challenge of creating a successful family business, read […]

Revitalize Your Breakroom For Peak Performance

Revitalizing Your Breakroom: Simple, Effective, Fun! Whether you are trying to ease the transition from telework back to the office or revitalize your break space to keep your workforce engaged, a comfortable and inviting breakroom is one of the best ways to foster a sense of community while increasing productivity among employees. Investing in your […]