If you constantly challenge yourself to “get back to work” then a recent article online at Entrepreneur.com, Get More Done at Work, … Get Deliberate, by Linda Lacina, may be of some help. According to Ms. Lacina, “No one taught you how to work productively. Here’s how to catch up.”

Tweets. Texts. Emails. Shared documents. New comments on shared documents. A work day can be a storm of notifications, with each alert keeping us up to date on everything and nothing simultaneously. And Joshua ZerkelEvernote’s director of global community, says it’s “too much.”

Before joining productivity platform Evernote, Zerkel worked as a productivity consultant full time. He was shocked at the number of articles and posts (just like this one!) extolling new ways to get productive or organized. He says the deluge of emails, tweets and notifications is too much for most people to get on top of. “It’s astonishing.”

Part of the problem, according to Zerkel, is that we’ve never learned how to work. No one is formally taught how to focus in meetings, how and when to check email and when to look at the countless notifications we get every day. As new technologies emerge, it becomes harder and harder to catch up, because most people are struggling enough to navigate the existing chaos.

To add to the complexity, technologies evolve. So, email-filing strategies that made sense five or six years ago become outdated and just another set of hard habits to break. READ MORE

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